IAED Advanced EMD/EFD Combination Course (Emergency Medical Dispatch and Emergency Fire Dispatch)
Sep 14 @ 8:00 am – Sep 18 @ 5:00 pm


International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) Certifications

EFD and Advanced EMD Course Information: Students will receive background information related to calltaking and dispatch functions, including in-depth, hands-on practice with the IAED protocols in preparation for on-line use. This training is applicable for dispatch personnel, supervisors, and communication center managers.

More information can be found at

  • Registration must be completed for both the Advanced EMD and EFD courses if your students are attending all 40 hours of the combination course.
  • If attending the Advanced Medical course only, only click on the EMD link.
Sep 21 all-day


ProQA Dispatch Software integrates the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch’s (IAED) protocols with today’s computer technologies. It helps emergency dispatchers move smoothly through Case Entry and Key Questioning. It assists dispatchers in quickly identifying the appropriate Determinant Code for each case and clearly displays the response configuration specifically assigned to the code by local agency authorities. ProQA then guides dispatchers in providing all relevant Post-Dispatch and Pre-Arrival Instructions, as well as important case completion information.

The course includes on-site technical training for ProQA dispatch software provides intensive hands-on experience for dispatchers, managers, and QI officers.

Two sessions available: 8:00 am-12:00 pm and 1:00 pm-5:00 pm


SAFVIC for Telecommunicators
Oct 2 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


The true first responder in any emergency is the Telecommunication Professionals whose primary objectives are to respond to calls appropriately and ensure victim and officer safety. The Sexual Assault and Family Violence Investigators Course for Telecommunication Professionals – SAFVIC for TCPs (TCLEOSE Course 3267) is designed to provide 911 call-takers around the state with the tools they need to effectively identify and facilitate sexual assault and family violence calls.

The SAFVIC program is funded by a grant from the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s Office and the National Violence Against Women Office. This program is administered by the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) with input from a statewide steering committee comprised of representatives from telecommunications, law enforcement, prosecution, medical services and victim services. In 2008, SAFVIC for TCPs was developed in an effort to expand the training to Telecommunication Professionals who are often the vital link between the victim and the responding police officers.

The SAFVIC for Telecommunication Professionals program consists of a comprehensive 8-hour curriculum covering crucial aspects of telecommunication professionals’ response to these calls. The program uses a networkof certified instructors to deliver the training on a local basis, thus providing more telecommunication professionals access to this very important training. Students attending the SAFVIC for TCPs will receive 8 hours TCLEOSE credit for the course and is offered free of charge to all participants.


Students attending the SAFVIC for TCPs Instructor Course will receive 8-hours TCLEOSE credit for the course. The curriculum will include the following topics:
• Statistics and History of Sexual Assault and Family Violence
• Dynamics of Family Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Human Trafficking
• Special Consideration when Taking Calls From Members of Vulnerable Population
• Understanding Victims & Safety Planning and Protective Orders
• How 911 Calls are used in Prosecution of Crimes
• Best Practices
• Texas Laws

Registration: To register for SAFVIC for Telecommunicators please go to the SAFVIC website at, click on ‘Our Courses’ or ‘Calendar’, select the course with the date and location of your choice, and then click on ‘Register.’ If you have further questions, call us toll free at (800) 848-2088. In the event that this specific course does not fit your schedule, SAFVIC for TCPs will be offered at various locations in Texas at different times. Please check the website, which is updated daily, for upcoming courses in your area.

Active Shooter for Telecommunicators
Oct 10 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Registration Now Open!

Course Description: Students attending Active Shooter for Telecommunicators course will be able to define the term Active Shooter and will be able to discuss the history of Active Shooter incidents, and recent trends. The course will review the mentality, characteristics, and the warning signs of an Active Shooter. Students will be taught the Telecommunicator’s responsibility in handling these incidents, including proper questioning and instructions to give during an Active Shooter incident. Students will review multiple 9-1-1 calls related to recent active shooter incidents, and participate in a group activity to demonstrate skills learned during class.  Free to Telecommunicators in El Paso County.

Instructor: Tina Chaffin

Registration ends October 5th, 2015.  Click here to register.

APCO Institute’s Communications Training Officer (CTO) Course
Oct 12 @ 8:00 am – Oct 14 @ 5:00 pm
Course Description: APCO Institute’s Communications Training Officer (CTO) course focuses on the development and maintenance of an agency’s one-on-one training program and provides the training necessary to foster levels of consistency for CTOs as they provide on-the-job training to new hires. Incorporates the requirements set by the national standard for CTO programs – APCO ANS 3.101.1-2013: Minimum Training Standards for Public Safety Communications Training Ofcers. To view the standard go to:
TOPICS INCLUDE: Performance Based Training, Preparing, Motivating and Communicating With Trainees, Customer Service in Public Safety Communications, Counseling, Stress Management, Meeting the Needs of the Adult Learner, Training Strategies, Performance Evaluations, Record Keeping and Documentation, Total Quality Management, Liability and Standards
PREREQUISITE: Students must have successfully completed a formal basic telecommunicator training program.  A certificate of course completion or print-out of your MyTCOLE Personal Status Report are acceptable.  *Please note that registration is not considered complete until the prerequisite documentation has been emailed to Frances Jimenez.
Registration: Closes Friday, September 25th by 5pm.  Slots are available for the first 15 Telecommunicators on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please register by filling out the course registration form with student(s) name(s) and PIDs. Free to agency Telecommunicators in El Paso County.
Effective Leadership 101 – Critical Checklists for Successful Supervisors
Nov 17 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Course Overview: Learn how to become an effective leader!  Not just for supervisors, this workshop is designed for Telecommunicators through Executive Management.  Using proven tools and “checklists” that anyone can manage, we will explore such topics as:

  • What are the Foundational Qualities of a Successful Supervisor/Leader?
  • As a leader, “Where am I and where would I like to be?”
  • How to be Pro-Active in the role of Supervisor
  • 7 Critical Truths Leaders Need to Know
  • How to Improve Communication skills
  • Motivating and Inspiring the Team
  • Employee Engagement
  • Being a Problem Solver rather than a problem
  • What does a Successful Team REALLY look like and what is the Leader’s role in making it happen?
  • And much more…

About the Instructor: Gene Smith has been a public speaker and educator for 35 years. He holds a Master’s degree and is a 2015 Doctoral candidate. He is nationally certified as a Public Information Officer. Gene is also a TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) certified instructor and has developed and teaches several eight hour TCOLE workshops. Gene is a graduate of the SHRM Human Resource Manager course at the University of Texas in Austin. He is currently Assistant Director and Professional Development Manager for Emergency Communications, Williamson County, Texas. Gene is a nationally recognized instructor and he speaks at a number of conferences and symposiums each year as well as conducting in-service classes and workshops for various agencies with a focus on those dedicated to Public Safety. Gene teaches classes on Leadership, Employee Retention, Developing a Culture of Success, Practical Stress Management, Critical Thinking, Ethics in the Workplace, Cultural Diversity, Effective Teamwork, Exceptional Customer Service, Sexual Harassment, among others. His approach is one of encouragement, motivation and inspiration. He is the father of five children and boasts seven beautiful grandchildren.

Registration: Closes November 6th, at 5pm.  Please register by filling out the course registration form with student(s) name(s) and PIDs. Free to agency Telecommunicators in El Paso County.