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Browse our pages to learn more about our organization, its scope, and its purpose. The history of our organization encompasses where we started and how far we’ve come. Our staff listing includes contact information for all of our staff as well as their professional positions and our board link consists of information on our currently appointed Board of Managers and their terms.


Our History

In 1985, Art. 1432e of the Texas Civil Statues, “Emergency Communication District Act”, was aimed to allow counties to establish a district, initiate a fee on local telephone service, and create an independent board of managers to oversee the operations of the system.

On August 8, 1987, the people of the County of El Paso voted overwhelmingly (81.2% of votes cast) “For enhanced 911.”

On August 10, 1987, the El Paso County Enhanced 911 Emergency Communications District was created by order of the Board of Managers, which then, consisted of:

Judson Williams
County of El Paso
Julian Bernat
City of El Paso
Jim Raley
City of Socorro
Gay Wood
Other Cities and Towns
Layne Lee
Southwestern Bell Telephone
On September 4, 1987, the County and all incorporated cities, towns and villages in the county had passed resolutions of participation in the District.On September 25, 1989, at 4:00 a.m., after revenue gathering, planning, installing, testing, enhanced 911 service went “live” complete with an integrated Computer Aided Dispatch System.

Board of Managers

The District is governed by a Board of managers who, by law, are appointed to two-year terms by the following entities:

The County of El Paso
(one voting member)
The City of El Paso
(two voting members)
The City of Socorro
(one voting member)
Other Municipalities
(one voting member)
Service Supplier (AT&T)
(one non-voting member)

The current Board of Managers is composed of the following members:

Chief Michael McConnell

Board Chairman

Horizon City Police Department, At-Large Representative

Assistant Chief Tom Whitten

El Paso County Sheriff's Office, County of El Paso

Chief Mario D' Agostino

El Paso Fire Department, City of El Paso

Assistant Chief Pete Pacillas

El Paso Police Department, City of El Paso

Chief Carlos Maldonado

Socorro Police Department, City of Socorro



Non-Voting, 9-1-1 Service Provider